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Introducing the STC Carolina 2016 - 2017 Board
August 15, 2016
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By Lindsay K. Saunders, Director of Communications and Managing Editor of the Newsletter

Elections concluded in June and we have a new board for 2016 - 2017. We gathered in July for a Vision Day to hammer out chapter goals, program details, and other things we hope to accomplish in the next year!

Meet the New Board!

President - Christina Mayr

Christina Mayr
Christina Mayr has been volunteering with STC Carolina since 2007, most recently as President 2015-2016, helping to clench another Platinum Award for the Chapter. Before that, Christina served as secretary and managing editor for the newsletter. As President again, Christina has her sights set on a productive and engaging year, with programs designed around traditional technical communications, tools knowledge, and student mentoring. She also has big plans to celebrate our 50th anniversary in style next spring.

After receiving her Master’s in English from East Carolina University, she learned the technical writing ropes at RTP-based companies both big and small. Christina works as a Senior Technical Editor at Extreme Networks and an instructor at the Duke Technical Communications Certificate program. Christina specializes in XML/DITA, Adobe FrameMaker, and Word. Christina lives in Holly Springs with her husband.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and reach out to her via email.

Secretary - Lisa Logan

Lisa Logan
Lisa Logan is a technical communicator specializing in DITA. When she's not reading up on the latest trends in DITA and technical communication, she's playing tennis and soaking up the sun at Sunset Beach. Her current focus is on creating print customization plugins for the DITA Open Toolkit.

Connect with her on LinkedIn or reach her via email.

Treasurer - Cathy Sprankle

Cathy Sprankle
Cathy Sprankle is a Senior Communications Specialist at ILS, a small Research Triangle Park company that provides toxicity testing and related services to government and commercial clients. Cathy's group supports an office of the National Institutes of Health that evaluates non-animal methods for chemical safety testing. Her duties include managing the client's website, writing newsletter articles, editing a variety of documents, and managing production of the client's Biennial Reports, which have been recognized at the Excellence and Distinguished levels at the last two STC competitions.
Cathy earned her M.S. degree in Technical Communication from NC State in 2013 but has been working in and writing about bioscience research for over 30 years; she is particularly interested in the areas of toxicology and genetics.

Cathy has been active in the STC Carolina Chapter for about four years; she has contributed several articles to the Communique and served as a judge in the last three competitions. During over 30 years of living in Raleigh, she has volunteered for many other organizations, including Raleigh Little Theatre, her neighborhood garden club, and her children's schools and sports teams. She served as Treasurer of her daughter's Cadette Girl Scout troop, managed fundraising activities for the Sanderson High School band program, and advised Boy Scouts in Raleigh Troop 214 on the Personal Management merit badge, which helps Scouts develop time and money management skills. She looks forward to becoming more involved in STC as Carolina Chapter Treasurer!

Connect with her on LinkedIn and reach her via email.

Director at Large: Membership - Lori Meyer

Lori Meyer
Lori Meyer is a technical communicator who designs, writes, and edits software documentation, online user assistance, and training materials. Lori is a member of six STC chapters and three SIGs. She is immediate past president of the East Bay chapter, secretary of the Washington DC-Metro Baltimore Chapter, director at large for the Carolina Chapter, and membership manager of the Rochester and San Diego chapters. She also volunteers for the Technical Editing and Consulting/Independent Contracting SIGs. In 2012, Lori was named an STC Associate Fellow.

Lori began her technical communication career in Rochester, NY, where she received her MS degree in instructional technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. She remains active in the STC Rochester chapter. Lori lives in the San Francisco Bay area, and hopes to visit the Triangle area for the first time in the near future.

Connect with her on LinkedIn or reach out to her via email.

Director at Large: Communications - Lindsay Saunders

Lindsay Saunders
Lindsay Saunders has enjoyed the lessons and relationships from being a member of and volunteer with STC. In October 2013, she joined the STC Carolina Chapter as a graduate student and immediately dove in as a Competition judge. In the summer of 2014, she had a piece published in the Carolina Communique and since the fall of 2014, she has been contributing to market chapter events by posting them on Yelp and manning the Twitter. In 2015, she assumed the Secretary role on the Admin Council and subsequently took over as Managing Editor of the Carolina Communique.

In May 2014, Lindsay completed her Master’s Degree in English concentrated in Technical and Professional Communications, from ECU. She worked as an educator and in the legal field before shifting to focus 100% on communications. Since then, she has focused on content strategy, SEO copywriting, internal communications/marketing for global tech companies, and done a variety of consulting work. Her tagline on her business card reads, “Passion for making connections and telling stories” so she looks forward to applying that with the Communications for the STC Carolina Chapter.

In her “spare time,” Lindsay loves being outside hiking or at the beach, venturing back home to the Outer Banks, reading, proudly keeping her foodie and wino titles active, organizing a meetup for women in their 20’s and 30’s, and volunteering as an activist to make policy change and advocate for issues to alleviate poverty in the U.S. and around the world.

Connect with her on LinkedIn, check out her website, and reach out to her via email.

Director at Large: Program Coordinator - Jonah Schwartz

Jonah Schwartz
In 2016, Jonah completed the Professional Communication Certificate, and is now pursuing the MA in English with a concentration in Technical and Professional Communication. In May, 2016, he won STC's Student Infographic Design Competition. He recently interned as a Document Support Specialist at Martin Marietta in Raleigh. Jonah began the pursuit of my advanced degree after 10 years of working retail, yet, strangely, his BA In English and Film Studies positioned him well for the state he's in now. The thirst Jonah's had for this field which has percolated so long has led to some truly glorious experiences.

Connect with him on LinkedIn and reach out to him via email.

Director at Large: Student Liaison - Lisa Parys

Lisa Parys
Lisa Parys currently attends ECU with a goal towards achieving a Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication. She joined the STC Carolina chapter with the goal of further developing her technical communication skills as well as transitioning into the field. She desires to serve as Student Ambassador for the chapter in an effort to give back to the organization as well as the STC community.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and reach out via email.

Competitions Manager - Betsy Kent

Betsy Kent is a technical communication specialist with a background in computer hardware and software and medical manufacturing. Over 20 years of experience working on a team with developers and engineers. She has been a member of STC for 21 years, with a commitment to being the Annual Writing Competition Manager for the past 2 years.

Connect with her on LinkedIn or reach out via email.

The STC Carolina Board looks forward to serving you over the next year and providing great experiences for the organization.

LINDSAY K. SAUNDERS can be reached via lindsayksaunders at gmail dot com. Read more articles by Lindsay K. Saunders. End of article.

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